Special Episode: The Best of Sophia with Alaska Thunderfuck & Eliot Glazer!


This week on the podcast, we're joined by OOTL all-stars Alaska Thunderfuck and Eliot Glazer to talk about the most memorable Golden Girls moments featuring  Miami’s favorite withered old Sicilian monkey, a Shady Pines escapee, former lover of Pablo Picasso, nemesis to Mama Celeste, 65 year old drag queen, sherry-drinking founder of The Cloud Society, survivor of the hurricane of ‘91, Picture it: Ladies and gentlemen Mr. Roy Orbison it’s SOPHIA PETRILLO!

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Golden Girls: S7E19 - "A Midsummer Night's Dream - Part 2"

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H. Alan and Kerri watch The Golden Girls season 7 episode "A Midwinter Night's Dream: Part 2," where they discuss the perfect cupcake, if the cop was actually Derek's crime partner, and so many more reasons why Miles is the ABSOLUTE WORST. Tune in next week for "Rose: Portrait of a Woman!" 

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Golden Girls: S7E18 - "Journey to the Center of Attention"

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Roz Drezfalez ("Golden Girls Live!") joined H. Alan and Kerri to watch The Golden Girls season 7 episode "Journey to the Center of Attention," where they discuss Blanche's amazing physical comedy, why a wake party is mean, and how The Rusty Anchor was totally a gay bar. Tune in next week for "A Midwinter Night's Dream: Part 1!" 

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Golden Girls: S7E13 - "Old Boyfriends" with Alaska Thunderfuck, Eliot Glazer, and Handsome Jeremy Mikush

It's a Golden Girls party! Alaska Thunderfuck, Eliot Glazer, and Handsome Jeremy Mikush join H. Alan and Kerri to watch the season 7 episode "Old Boyfriends," where they discuss the art of skipping, Marvin's Bugs Bunny accent, and first kiss stories. Tune in next week for "Goodbye Mr. Gordon!"

Golden Girls: S7E11 - "From Here to the Pharmacy"

H. Alan and Kerri watch The Golden Girls season 7 episode "From Here to the Pharmacy," where they discuss what to put in a will, if Blanche should have told Bill that she didn't remember him, and they even speak a little (bad) Spanish! Tune in next week for "The Pope's Ring!" 

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Here's the performance H. Alan mentioned, when the girls performed for the QUEEN!

Golden Girls: S7E8: "The Monkey Show: Part 2"

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A hurricane's a-here! H. Alan and Kerri watch The Golden Girls season 7 episode "The Monkey Show: Part 2," where they discuss Dorothy's real-life gorgeous son, the scene with the hammer, and why Kerri gets so stressed out by rainy boots on a clean carpet. Tune in next week for "Rose Loves Miles!"