Brent Sullivan

Golden Girls: S5E13 - Brent Sullivan & Jesse Popp

OOTL All-Star Brent Sullivan and comedian Jesse Popp join H. Alan and Kerri to watch The Golden Girls season 5 episode "Mary Has a Little Lamb," where they discuss Mary's rude dad, Sophia's weird night alone with Merrill, and which famous convict H. Alan wrote a letter to. Tune in next week when we watch "Great Expectations!"

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Golden Girls: S3E9 - Brent Sullivan

Brent Sullivan (The Pete Holmes Show) joins H. Alan and Kerri for The Golden Girls season 3 episode “A Visit From Little Sven,” where they discuss Sven’s fluctuating intelligence, getting turned on by dick cakes, and whether knock knock jokes can actually cure manic depression. 

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