Stan Zimmerman

Golden Girls: SPECIAL EPISODE - Miami Is Nice

H. Alan Scott went on a special golden assignment all the way to Baltimore, Maryland for Miami Is Nice, a month-long, Golden Girls inspired art exhibit curated by Nick Horan and Zachary Handler (oh yeah, and they had a Golden Girls-themed wedding, because they're EVERYTHING!). There he chatted with former GG writer (and past OOTL guest) Stan Zimmerman for Cheesecake Conversations. Here is the live recording of their conversation. For more, visit

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Golden Girls: Special Episode - Stan Zimmerman

Golden Girls writer Stan Zimmerman joins H. Alan and Kerri for this very special episode of Out on the Lanai! They interview him about how he got the gig, which girl he bonded with the most, and how often he’s asked if Dorothy’s famous ex was named after him!

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